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Raw Actor Studio

'Sophie’s intuition has undoubtedly guided me to where I am in my career today the roles that I was challenged with in class have directly prepared me for opportunities that I have been able to accept, dive into and succeed in.'

-Kiana Madeira

Fear Street Trilogy, Trinkets, The Flash, Sacred Lies,

Really Me, Dark Matter, The Bruno & Boots Trilogy, Taken


Internationally experienced, established acting studio in Toronto focused on giving you the skills necessary to be a professional in Film, Television, VO and Motion Capture. Our two-pronged approach focuses on unlocking your creativity and bringing your artist to the forefront while giving you the concrete tools for understanding and delivering story, time and time again.



The Perfect Pickup,Evil Feed, Elysium, Cheat, Supernatural.

'Sophie’s love for actors and
the craft of acting is highly contagious. From the first session with her I realized she was someone who could help me and any actor step their game up to another level. She comes at you with an inherent sense of truth and a passion for her students that gives you the confidence to reach for new heights and that’s where breakthrough’s happen. I had epiphany after epiphany while studying with her and I realized one of the most important things as an actor, to feed your artist. To make sure that your heart is full and your hunger is always striving for the next chapter in your journey as an actor. She is someone who knows how to get the most out creative people and in this day and age that is a rare gift.'


CSI: Cyber, The Girlfriend Experience, Guillermo del Toro's The Strain,The Listener, Suits, RookieBlue, Lost Girl, Flashpoint.

'Sophie Ann Rooney is a fighter. She fights for the underdog, she fights even when everyone else has given up, and she fights all for you. Her deep
understanding and sheer love for actors and the human condition fuels everything she does, from creating Sterling Studio Theatre from the ground up, to directing, to teaching. Her vision is limitless, and it's this unwavering focus that will enable you to soar.'


Secret Live of Marilyn Monroe, Helix II, The Scarehouse, Hemlock Grove.

'Sophie pushed the acting-beast out
from within me. Getting to certain
places as an actor can be very
unglamorous but once you're there
it's f*cking beautiful. Sophie's
coaching showed me that I do have
all the tools to be a great actor. It is
incredible how much value I
discovered within myself when
pointed in the right direction. My
voice, my gut, my body and my
imagination are unique to me. When
they are operating at 100% it is
scary; in the best way possible.'

Meet The Team


Sophie Ann Rooney

Director, CEO


Grisha Pasternak

RAW Coach



RAW Coach

Watson Headshot.png

Jessica Watson

RAW Coach

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