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Shot Like a Film

Unlike typical demo reels, RAW Reels are "Shot Like A Film," focusing on high-quality, cinematic scenes that highlight an actor's specific strengths and talents. RAW Reels allow actors to demonstrate proof-of-work, as well as showcase versatility and range, providing agents, managers, and casting directors with a clear understanding of their capabilities.

All RAW Reels begin with a consultation, in which we will consider any existing materials and identify a unique archetype to explore. While we may make suggestions for scripts and projects that align with the actor's goals and marketing strategy, it is ultimately up to the actor to find and source the material that they feel will best showcase their talents. Once the script has been selected, the actor will come fully prepared for the day of the shoot. On-set coaching will be provided.

The feedback has been outstanding - with multiple actors reporting booking Feature Films and Lead roles as a direct result of RAW Reel footage!

Demo Build

Demo reel building services for footage filmed with or without RAW!


This service involves compiling any footage that was filmed with RAW, in addition to quality material already in an actors possession. Our team of experienced editors will work closely with the actor to ensure that their demo reel accurately represents their brand and showcases their talents, with the final cut and most marketable in-and-out points chosen by RAW.

Check out our Youtube page for Full Reels!

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