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Founded in Paris, France in 1997 by international acting coach and director, Sophie Ann Rooney, brought to Vancouver in 2007, and established in Toronto in 2011 by the same, RAW Actor Studio has trained a large number of accomplished professionals around the globe who are active members in Theatre, Film, TV, Voice Over, Video Game, and more.


RAW Actor Studio is regarded as one of the most respected training studios for emerging and established actors. At its core, RAW is dedicated to the expansion and prosperity of the Canadian performance arts community and entertainment industry.


Contributing to our mission is our passionate faculty of dedicated mentors and coaches, whose reputations as industry professionals speak for themselves. Please refer to the “Faculty” page for individual bios.


All the work at the Studio is based on Rooney’s years as an professional actor, director, writer, mentor and educator. Specifically the 4-year association with Lee Strasberg’s protege, Amy Werba, with whom she worked in close collaboration as a teacher and actor, as well as Stanislavski’s student, Blanche Salant, with whom she worked as an actor, were crucial to building her philosophy on acting.


Acting is an art form, in which very many want to be a part of, but very few put the work in. RAW believes that true success in this profession may only be achieved when mastery of foundational craft and technique, supports complete artistic expression. Our signature 6-week classes (Audition, Master, Pro) are designed for repetition, allowing the actor to create an individual and ongoing training program for themself, with new material and personalized goals each round. 


Sign up for the Audition Class or the Master Class to focus on the technical and foundational side of the work, or apply for our Established Pro Class and raise the bar. Take classes such as American Dialects to enhance your booking opportunities, and try supplementary Workshops like our Video Game Seminar or Script Analysis Workshop to stack your actor toolbelt. 


For upcoming auditions, our mentors are here to guide you. One-on-one private coaching sessions are available for audition prep and career consults are open to those wanting to cover the business of acting and make sure their actor package is up to industry standards.


RAW Reels, launched in 2022, to support our working actors whose demo material needed that extra boost to showcase their skills. See “Reels” page for more information.


And for our Rising Stars (ages 6-18) RAW consulted seasoned Youth Coach, Jessica Watson to build a competitive program to encourage our young actors to strive for excellence. RAW offers our Rising Stars a 6-week intensive class, single-day Workshops, week-long Summer Camps and One-on-one audition prep when needed. All mentors are First Aid/CPR certified and have completed police background checks.


Beyond acting, it is not uncommon for writers, directors, and filmmakers to seek mentorship at RAW. With the Studio’s professional relationships spanning the entire industry, RAW continues to helm itself as a creative playground for those wishing to refine their craft, while striving for career longevity. 


RAW welcomes all individuals with a sincere aspiration to excel as artists. Students should be able to collaborate with peers and mentors who will expect strict professionalism and respect in the Studio. Please visit the “Mandate” page for our Studio Policy and Code of Conduct. RAW offers payment plans to students who qualify, and does everything possible to accommodate the scheduling needs of our students when auditions, bookings, or personal emergencies arise.

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