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All eyes on you finding your artist, it's about you, and helping you explore your pathway to your process, and having fun while discovering it with your mentors!


Online & In-Person. 


For actors who have worked with our mentors, from script in hand to deep character investigative work, finding the pathway to lead into the story, and then out through the lens to the audience. Accessing the skill in yourself to connect with a director, riffing creatively with them and providing an environment that feels like jazz.

Fun-damentals all the way to Mastery! With the emphasis on fun, and why you chose to be an actor, you will dive deep into your process. 


Your mentors will guide you through a series of exercises and scenarios, helping you to challenge yourself and tap into your full potential. And for a truly exhilarating experience, don't miss our Open Class, which will be presented in front of a live audience at the end of the 6wks.

Starting your journey into RAW? Take the On-Camera Audition.


Ideal for newcomers, this course emphasizes the essential aspects of on-camera auditioning, including script analysis, preparation, memorization, connection, focus, emotion, and truth.


Open to all skill levels, this onging class is the perfect starting point for those unsure of their level.

Study like an artist and sharpen your vocal skills as you delve into the vaste array of American accents. This comprehensive workshop goes beyond mimicry, teaching students to manipulate their voice to produce convincing accents.


Explore the International Phonetic Alphabet, vocal placement, and improve your skills with a variety of exercises and materials.

RAW Actor Studio 


Film, TV, VO and Video Game training for established and emerging.


For writers, directors and actors who are looking to work in front and behind the camera.

Working with active industry professionals & mentors, you will explore what you gravitate towards instinctively and help you build to a slate to be proud of.

Actors seeking an environment for growth. Whether you took a break and getting back into it, or starting from scratch, your mentors help you connect to humanity through performance storytelling for TV & Film.

From Taping to Zoom, and lots of exercises to empower your work to shine on screen.

Looking for help with an audition or set prep when you book it? You will have space to elevate your work, learning to encourage yourself to find your groove and confidence within the 1-1 with all the knowledge and experience shared with you.


Providing the playground for creativity and preparation.

We have the support of local casting directors who give invaluable feedback. 


Covering the entire audition process from start to finish, ending with a mock audition in front of a casting director.

Past guests: Jesse Griffiths, Sara Kay, Jenny Lewis, Millie Tom, Larissa Mair as well as guest directors in our Established and Master classes Warren P Sonoda, Michael Goldlist, D.W Waterson, Tim Walker, Rainbow Sun Francks, agents Ryan Goldhar and many more.


Our mentors & staff are filmmakers, so if you need help being shot like a film for your demo. Give us a shout.

WANT TO AUDIT? Message below

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